Monday, September 20, 2010

Guests in Church

On Sunday before our service started, we had guests sharing with our congregation. We had Bro Tim Toh from Haggai Institute sharing with us what the institute is about. They are organizing a one week conference here in Kuching and was inviting our Church members to join. In fact, our Brother Teck Lim had attended last year and found it motivating and useful.

The other guests we had was a German couple, Wolfam and Heidi. They are with Nehemiah Team from Germany now based in Indonesia. They have been in Indonesia for about 8 years serving the people there. Prior to that they had also been to Africa on mission.

All these guests gave us a lot of encouragement, the sacrifice they gave to help people in need around the world. We hope to be able to give back a little to society.

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