Monday, September 13, 2010

Commission of Disciples

On Sunday, Bro. Malcolm preached on the above subject. It was based on Mark 3:8 - 35. His teaching was broken into 4 parts:


One vivid point he brought up was that Jesus instructed us to go make disciples of the nations. he did not say bring them to church specifically. When two or three are gathered God is with us, so the church is out there where we work, play, and do our things. Let us share the Good news where we are. Of course, he was not saying don't bring anyone to church, but to share with non believers and later on only you bring them to church.

He also spoke about why we should make God our focus even in our marriages. We should not make our wives as our "idols", but both wife and husband should focus on God, and the marriage will be wholesome, the other things will follow.

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