Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Service 26th Sept

Pre-service Prayer

Praise God! that more and more members are turning up to pray each Sunday before our English service start. Hallelujah! Glory to God! Pray is powerful and it is the life blood of our faith, we cannot do without. We pray more will "catch" this ethos in our Church.

Bro. Chung Chek shared about prayer. How he hesitated to go to prayer meeting because he felt he was not up to mark. Later he realized he was in the process of learning to pray. Even the disciples said in Luke 11:1 "Lord teach us to pray...". From then one he found he has no problem going to any prayer meeting. Praise God!

Brother Nee Wen shared that he and Brother Teck Hua were at the Latter Rain Church in Semantan on Saturday where they participated in fervent worship and praise. It was spontaneous and the Holy Spirit filled the air. It was an encouragement to us.

Brother Michael's sermon on Mark Chapter 5 entitled "Cost of Salvation". In this chapter there are 3 main points a)Jesus' authority over demonic power
b) His authority over diseases c) His authority over death

Jesus came to serve and not be served Mark 1:15. He came and died for our sins.

Bro Micheal shared a little about forgiveness. He said once he was hurt by a Bro. and he could not forgive him. Later on he realized that this Bro. has grown spiritually and has moved on, whereas he was still at the point where he was hurt by this Bro. He realized that he has to forgive, like Jesus forgave us and move on. Now he is reconciled as he has forgiven this Bro.

Watch what Stormie said about prayer

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