Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blessings in Ordinary Things

Usually most of us see blessings from God in the miraculous happenings that He gave us. This is quite normal for many of us. But there is the other side of the story, that is His blessings in the ordinary things in our lives. In fact, being chosen by Him to be in His kingdom is a miracle in itself. Why didn't He chose someone but you?

I believe a part of living a Godly life is to enjoy His blessings in the ordinary things we experience daily. Like a few weeks ago, I was going to pick my son at St. Joseph Secondary school, Kuching after class at around 12 noon Friday. If you are staying in Kuching you know how bad the traffic jam around the school every Friday. As I was about to leave my house, a Sister called asking me to be the assistant secretary of our Church, because I spoke to her for a while there was a delay in arriving at his school, but the timing was perfect,as soon as my car arrived he just hoped into my car! No waiting required! Praise the Lord! Otherwise I have trouble looking for a parking.

A brother and I are in the exhibition business. We had organized a health expo at a bigger venue, Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching.(Outskirt of city). A prime customer Parkway Health Group ( they own Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Greneagle etc in Singapore), Singapore had signed up as a Platinum Sponsor earlier. Because of business consideration we have to change to a smaller venue in the city center. Our challenge was to discuss with our customer Parkway about the change and wondering how they will take it. We prayed about it before seeing their manager. We met the manager, discussed with her about our plans and she agreed to continue as Platinum Sponsor! She even said her prayers have been answered! Praise God! Our God work in mysterious ways.

A Sister from Alpha Malaysia came to town on a Friday evening two weeks ago. She did not have prior dinner arrangement but she thought of a Kuching sister whom she got to know earlier, but she could not remember her name nor her mobile number. As she was making other arrangement this sister whom she thought about rang her to invite her for dinner! This sister said she received a missed call on her mobile. Later our sister from Alpha checked her mobile directory and found she did not have phone record of this sister! Glory to God! Only He could have made this arrangement.

Let us seek our Lord everyday, and let us enjoy His blessings in the ordinary things He provided for us.

"Surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous, you surround them with your favors as with a shield". Psalm 5:12

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