Friday, January 7, 2011

Top Spiritual Trend in 2010

Last year many things happened and some were earth shaking events like the Haiti earthquake. An on line magazine reported that spiritual trend is more difficult to notice because media usually reports on secular events.

The 10 most spiritual events of 2010:

1. Haiti Earthquake. More than 230,000 people died. A million homeless.

2. Muslim converted to Christianity increased. More came to faith in Jesus in the last 1o years than the last 15 centuries.

3. Threat of Islam prompted backslash. E.g several countries in Europe banned the use of full veils.

4. Christianity growing in Asia. Spiritual revivals sweeping Asia. China is an important harvest field. Christians there are said to number at least 70 million, and growing.

5. Persecution of Christians increased. Human rights groups reported that at least 200 to 230 million of Christians are persecuted.

6. American mega churches growing despite recession. Recession has not dampen mega church growth. 81% of mega churches reported increasing members.

7. Young Americans lost faith. Those born between 1980 and 2000 do not consider religion important.

8. Mainline denominations continued a downward slide.

9. Scandals plagued high-profile charismatic ministries. E.g Benny Hinn's wife filed for divorce.

10. Evangelical church-planting movements grew. E.g Francis Chan of Cornerstone living his church to plant churches in Asia.

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