Sunday, January 9, 2011

Intentional Discipleship

This morning in our church service our Bro. Ho King Swee preached on this subject. He said it was Pastor Ben Wong of Hong Kong who reminded him that discipleship got to be intentional. It does not just happen. We as a church has to intentionally disciple some one. It is building relationship with people, it is not a program or course. Otherwise one can graduate from a discipleship course. He based his teaching on 1 Thessalonian Ch. 1 & 2. From these chapters he derived 7 principles:

1. Always thank God and pray for the person you disciple.

2. Use and depend on the power of the Words of God.

3. Be a life model.

4. Involve the person in discipling others.

5. Lead people to follow Christ

6. Serve to please God with pure motive of love.

7. Disciple with parental heart.

He than went to the question "What is a disciple?" ( From Navigators)

1. Put Christ first in this life, taking steps to separate from sins.

2. Study and memorize Scripture.

3. Have a consistent devotional life of growth, prayers etc.

4. Demonstrating Christ's love to others.

5. Identify with Christ's sharing.

6. Growing in the above 5 areas for at least 6 months.

This teaching on discipleship reminded me of the recent message of NECF's Chairman who said one of the issue of Christianity in Malaysia is that most Christians just wanted to be a Christian but not willing to be a disciple. God wants each and every Christian to be a disciple, that is following the steps of Jesus and to share the Words with non believers to bring them to the Lord.

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