Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home Mission Board

This morning Pastor Gramen, Chairman of Home Mission Board (HMB), and Pastor Daniel Kion, Co-ordinator of HMB came to our church to share with us the work the Board is doing.

HMB is an organization under the Sarawak Baptist Convention. The Convention takes care of about 27 Baptist churches through out Sarawak. The main objective is to spread the Gospel to the people in Sarawak especially in the interior of Sarawak by helping these people to improve their lives like helping them with their education, building them amendities and etc.

Our church like many other Baptist churches support the HMB by providing some financial support. But they also requires other resources like manpower to preach and build things for them.

Pastor Daniel shared one very encouraging testimony. HMB under the leadership of Pastor Daniel built a micro hydro system for Nanga Sepaya Longhouse at Sri Aman, the second division of Sarawak. The hydro is built with HMB own efforts and it was designed by themselves. All materials were purchased locally. A cable company donated about RM10,000( USD3,000) worth of cable. This 52 families Long house had never have any electricity for the past 30 years, and when the light came on for the first time many of the long house folks cried! Praise God that they had light eventually. Because of the love shown by members of HMB to these non believers, all the people in this long house came to accept the Lord! Hallelujah Praise God! The surrounding people near this long house has heard of this new hydro at Nanga Sepaya and they also requested HMB to build them a micro hydro, here the door is opened to HMB to spread the Good news. Due to lack of resources, HMB is working to help build more micro hydro in the interiors.

Our church is very encouraged and our leadership is looking forward to send a mission team into the interior before the end of this year. It is also our church mission to carry out the Great Commission.

For the benefit of foreign readers here(top) is a picture of a Long House.

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