Sunday, July 31, 2011

Short Term Mission From Hong Kong

On Saturday our Church's Mandarin and English congregations hosted a home-cooked dinner for a group of fellow Christians from Hong Kong who are here for a short term mission. They came here through the connection of Pastor Ben Wong from Shepherd Community Church, Hong Kong. This group of 11 young students led by Pastor Edwin and Pastor Michael Lau. They are from four different churches in Hong Kong who gathered purposely to come here to visit long house near Sri Aman area, about 200 Km from Kuching city. During the week, they have already visited the long houses and spent a night at a long house.

We thank God for their visit because they also blessed our church with their testimonies. On Saturday evening after worship, a few of their members share the testimonies of their visit here. We are very encouraged to see these young people pouring their love for strangers because they have God's love in them. The main theme of all their testimonies was love for our neighbors.

On Sunday morning, a few more members shared in all three congregations, Mandarin, English, and Bahasa (Malay). Again our members were touched by their stories.

Pastor Michael Lau followed with s sermon on hospitality referring to Luke 14: 16-24.

Our brothers and sisters from Hong kong will be going back on Tuesday.

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