Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Service - Bro. Kirk Weaver

This morning, our church had the honor of Bro.Kirk Weaver, Director, Family Time Training, Focus on the Family, USA to speak to us. Bro Kirk is here in Kuching to conduct a course for Focus on the Family. He is from Littleton, Colorado. ( To read more about his ministry click on the title of this post to his website).

The world is so small, just last week we had Pastor Christina Tan from Houston and today we have Bro.Kirk from Colorado.

Bro.Kirk sharing was timely because like in America people seem to be drifting away from God. His sharing was about building godly family. In fact, this is his ministry and this subject is close to his heart.

He shared stories in the Bible like David who knew God intimately, Solomon drifted away and Rehoboam worshiped idols. By the third generation people forgot about God. It is the same now therefore it is important to teach our children at home and do not let the Sunday school teachers bear all the burdens. Our young children are with us all the time, and we are the ones who have influence on them. If we want them to be godly, we have to teach them ourselves.

There are three types of people, 1) Christians, 2) Nominal Christians, 3) Non Christians. He used three cups of milk to illustrate how we should live as Christians and how we can bring up our children in godly ways. He added chocolate syrup(representing Jesus) to the first and second glass, put a wooden spoon representing Holy Spirit)each to first and second glass. He stirred the first glass which turned brown because the wooden spoon (Holy Spirit) has worked in this person. In case of the second glass, the chocolate sank into the bottom of the glass because this person has Jesus and Holy Spirit but does not act on their instructions. The third glass reminds white milk because he does not know God.

The moral of the story is that if we do not teach our children about God and help them to have a personal relation with Jesus, our children will be like the third glass ( white in colour). If we ourselves is like the first glass (brown in colour after the working of Holy Spirit) and we teach our children well, they are mostly likely to resemble us.

Watch a video of Bro.Kirk explaining this idea

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