Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How To Empower Your Future

On Sunday, our church had the privilege of Dr.Paul Ang from SIB, KL to speak to our combined congregation (Englist, Madarin and Bahasa). Dr.Ang has spoken at our church last year when we went through a season of difficulties.

His sermon is as above. Basically he asked how we see our future. It is in God's hands or in our hands? He referred to Deu 30:15 - 20 the Israelites were instructed to follow God otherwise they will be destroyed. Dr.Ang shared a story of a young man asking a wise man what will happen to a butterfly he holds in his hand if he releases it. This young man thought he got this wise old man, because if he says it will live, the young man will squeeze it to death, if he says
it will die, he will release it unharm. But the wise man answered, it depends on you, what you will do to this butterfly. Our live is in God's hand as well as in our hands.

Dr.Ang shared 4 points where we can empower our future:

1. Need to release your past

We cannot do anything about our past, it is like a cancelled cheque. Do not waste time living in the past but move on.

2. Maximize your presence

What do you have now? In the story of Naomi in Ruth chapter 1, she got Ruth although her husband and sons died. Is there something God has given us that we can use? Count your blessings, and do not complaint. If you have a Proton car (cheaper car) do not crave for a BMW ( expensive ) because you will cry when you have to pay for servicing it!

3. Trust God for your future

You life is in whose hands ? It is God as well as your hands. If you evil man can give good gifts to your children, how much more our heavenly Father will give us his children. Trust the Lord for your future. He is the author and finisher.

4. Dream your dreams

What do you see yourself when you are 85 years old ? Old and waiting to die? Dr. Ang shared when he was about 10 years old he dreamed of seeing snow and autumn scenery. God answered when he had the chance to visit Scotland during winter. He saw autumn scenery when he was on his way from Washingston state, US traveling to Vancouver on a preaching assignment. This story may not seem dramatic, but you must realize that Dr.Ang had never been oversea before.

Dr.Ang advice :

A) Be young, energetic, and strong
B) Hopeful and purposeful
C) Helpful and stay focus
D) Dreams maximize your threshold
E) Maximize faith muscle for the impossible

His message is encouraging to the individual as well as our congregations.

Glory to God for Dr. Ang's message.

You can read his website from the blog and link on the left hand side bar.

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