Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pastors Depressed

Are pastors suppose to be depresses ? How can this be, they are our shepherds. Well, the truth is that pastors like any normal human also face depression at times. A recent survey in the US found that 80 % of pastors are discouraged and felt unqualified to be pastors. Demands on pastors are certainly increasing when many channels of communications are available to contact pastors when the church members are in need. Many pastors are certainly over worked and they do not take vacation leave. Like people in other vocations, vacation leave or sabbatical is important for pastors to relieve their stresses as well as to reflect on their walk with God. I remember about two years ago Pastor John Piper took a 6 months sabbatical to reflect on his life as well as his ministry.

In the Bible great prophet like Elijah was also depressed when Jezebel pursued him and tried to kill him. 1 King 19:2. Since, great people are affected we are no different. From an outsider, it seem depression is "something in the mind" only and there is nothing to it. But after having experienced a season of depression myself, I can say depression is not making up stories. It is a serious illness and if not treated promptly can have serious consequences.

There is no survey of this nature in Malaysia, so we do not know the extend of this problem. Beside, culturally people have negative perception of mental illnesses like depression and patients tend to hide such conditions. Perhaps this issue is not serious because there is no reports in the Christian communities here.

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