Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Akha People of Thailand

Dr. Chaiyot A-je Kukaewkasem(Dr.Aje) is an Akha from Thailand. I had the honor to meet him while attending the Haggai course here in Kuching recently.

The Akha people lives in five countries, China,Thailand,Loas,Cambodia and Myamar. All together there are about 2 million Akha in these five countries.

It has been an inspiring experience to meet Dr.Aje. He is not only a PhD holder in science, he is also a pastor to his people. He and his American wife is pastoring a church in northern Thailand and have various social programs to help his people. More and more of their people are turning to God. Hallelujah! (Click on the title of this post to read Operations World report)

As soon as Dr.Aje came into the class at Haggai I could feel his humble presence and felt connected to him as a Christian brother. Indeed, it was a joy learning from him. He made the subject of pluralism easy to understand. I believe all the participants enjoyed his teaching.

He showed Christ in what he is doing and in his treatment of other people, a person we all can emulate. Praise God for such a humble person and pastor.

Here is a video of Akha people. Not all Akha people are Christians, please pray for Dr.Aje and his ministry to the Akha people.

Top: picture of praying for Dr.Aje during our Haggai course. The colorful weaving on his coat is of Akha design.

Watch this video of a beautiful song.

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