Friday, September 30, 2011

Bethany Home Ministry

A while ago I blogged about the "Reading Bus" a program to help rural children to read. This program was pioneered by Pastor Cheli and his wife Mei who have now relocated to Kuala Lumpur.

Beside this reading project, Pastor Cheli and his wife has also started a after school centre in Kuching. This was specially to help students who are poor in their studies. Understand that a nominal fee is collected.

Since the relocation of Pastor Cheli and his wife Mei the job has been taken over by Pastor Fong Che Chung who is the product of the after school centre.

"Fong Che Chung, 25, is one of those who benefited from Bethany Home. Fong, who is now an assistant pastor with Bethany Ministries, said he had failed every subject in the SPM mock examination at school in 2003 before his friends urged him to go to Bethany Home.

“It was about a month before SPM and I had totally lost hope. But I decided to come to Bethany Home as I had nothing to lose.

“During that month, I came every day and studied mainly with my friends, who taught and helped me to understand the various subjects. Questions that I did not know how to answer previously started to make sense,” he said."

Pastor Che Chung is now a full time pastor with Bethany Home Ministry, Kuching.

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