Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christians in India

I was reading blogpastor ( and he had a post about the Christians in India which is interesting. All we read about in the news are usually how Christians are persecuted, they being killed and son on. It is heart warming to read that there is a revival going on in India. Praise the Lord! Nothing is impossible for our God!

India has 70 million Christians according to Operation World. This number may seem alot but India's population is about 1.2 billion, so 70 million is about 6%. The number is growing, and among the Dalit (the untouchable of India )it appears that their numbers are growing faster than the general population. By grace of God the Dalit have a chance to be redeemed and counted as God's people.

To read blogpastor post about India click on the title of this post.

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