Saturday, September 3, 2011

Churches "Friend" More Than Schools

There seem to be a debate about using Face Book between teachers and students in the US. Now it seems more churches "friend" than schools. Some states in the US banned schools from engaging on face book (fb) with their students.

A few months ago there was also a report that some churches were instructing their members to close their fb accounts because in some cases their usage led to infidelity among members. However now it appears that more churches are using the social media to evangelize, communicate, and educate their members as well as other visitors. Social media expert Chris Forbes said this is a very effective tool when used properly. Just imagine with fb a church can reach million of people. It not only influence its congregation but also people around the world. We have not seen anything like this before fb or other social medias. The expert said “If churches desire to connect with their congregation and community in meaningful ways, then they need to establish a strategy for actively engaging in the social media conversation.”

Not only in the US, many churches around the world are using social media to connect with their congregations. It is just the extend of connection. To the younger members social media is just natural for them, perhaps the older generations have to adapt to the "new" social media.

Like any good things ( all the positive benefits of social media) there are bound to be people who use such benefits for ill gains or to harm others.

As for us Christians what ever it is we must be accountable to God and use any tool with good intention and integrity.

"The man of integrity walks securely but he who take crooked paths will be found out". Proverb 10:9

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Watch this informative video especially for churches using social media

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