Sunday, September 18, 2011

Haggai Institute 3rd National Seminar

The 6-days Haggai Institute 3rd National Seminar held at 360 Hotel, Kuching has just concluded on 17th Sept (Sat).

This was the first time in the Haggai Malaysian history for two languages seminar to be held at the same time, that was Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) and English seminars running together. Thanks to the organizing committee in making this possible. There are 34 participants, 17 from Bahasa group and 17 from English speaking group. Participants came from various parts of Sarawak. For Bahasa speaking some came from Indonesia.

Three brothers from our church attended.

The faculty members were Pastor Aries Siew (Malaysia), Pastor Tay Wah Seng (Malaysia), Robert Leong (Malaysia), Dr.Aje Chaiyot (Thailand), Alex Tan (Malaysia), Rev Wong Kim Kong (Malaysia), Joseph Tan (Malaysia), Jeff Wei (Malaysia). All the speakers were world class as most of them also conduct international seminars all over the world.

Subjects covered, Biblical Mandate,discipline,effective communication,pluralism,effective witness,Biblical stewardship and setting goals.

All these subjects were relevant to evangelism. But personally I was touched by personal sharing of Dr.Aje who is from Akha tribe of northern Thailand. He said his people are in 5 countries, Thailand, China, Loas, Myamar,and Cambodia. He came from a very poor family who did not even have a pair of slippers when he was young. Yet he managed to complete his PhD. God called him to minister to his people. Now he is also a pastor, as well as evangelist to his people. He was very humble and despite his high education he was not arrogant.

The other faculty member whose teaching and personal sharing impacted me was Alex Tan from Penang. He is a high ranking manager in Intel Malaysia. His personal testimony was touching. He shared how his right eye was healed when he prayed and was faithful to God. How his financial problems were solved when he obeyed and tithe as commanded by God. His teaching was clear and effective. A fellow brother said that his subject of Biblical Stewardship conducted on the last day of the course was like a "cap" for the whole course.

I remembered Billy Graham said "If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life". It is true from my observations.

All the participants have a God-encounter from the testimonies shared on the last day of this course. Most are fired up to go out to share the good news. Many are already doing some work in evangelism. This course help us to arm ourselves to do "the battles" out there.

Glory to God for this Haggai course.

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