Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Reading Bus

It is heart warming to read about godly people reaching out to the needy community. Here is the story of dedicated Christians like Pastor/teacher Cheli Tamilselvan and his wife Kong Lai Mei helping the communities in Kuching as well as in Kuala Lumpur. Pastor Cheli has close relation with our church when he and his wife were serving in Kuching, East Malaysia for 27 years until they moved back to Kuala Lumpur end of last year.

They started the Reading Bus to help poor rural children to learn to read. What they did was using four wheels drive vehicle (4WD)stacked with books in wooden shelves for easy transportation before driving to targeted communities on a periodical basis until the locals are trained, after which the books are left with them as their libraries. This project has been very successful. They started with one 4WD in Kuching,Sarawak now they have 6 in Sarawak, 1 in Sabah and 1 in peninsula (kuala Lumpur). They have also started one in Cambodia with resounding success.

Cheli and Kong used to be full time teachers here in Kuching and it was their passion to teach and help the disadvantage that they started the Reading Bus. Indeed, this project have helped so many poor students especially those in the rural communities in Sarawak. Praise God for these dedicated teachers!

Beside, this reading bus work, Cheli is also a pastor. While in Kuching he pastored Bethany House, a church mainly for the youth and young people like college students. He also started a tuition centre at Bethany House. This project is also to help the poor students from disadvantage communities in Kuching. Students attended session once a week to be guided and taught by volunteers.

Many thanks to Pastor Cheli and his wife Mdm Kong for their sacrifice for the poor. They are indeed servants of God and have given unselfishly to their neighbors the poor.

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blogpastor said...

May their tribe increase. Such folks are a blessing to the kingdom of God.

FBC -Cell J said...

Yes Pastor God bless Pastor Cheli and Mdm Kong they really show the love of Jesus to those who are marginalized.

Anonymous said...


I'm Jia Yee. Am currently running a book donation project - 'Our Little Book Keepers' - which you can find more info in Facebook, would you have Pastor Cheli and/ or Mdm Kong's contacts e.g email?

Many thanks.