Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pastor Ben Wong from Shepherd Community Church

Pastor Ben Wong from Shepherd Community Church, Hong Kong has been coaching our church for the past two years. Thank God that he came along just as we faced a major problem in our church. Two years ago he came to visit one of our elders who was his university mate in Australia, and at that time we lost our pastor so this elder asked him to help our church.

This time he came and he gave an assessment of our church and from his observations our church has came a long way from two years ago. Our elders are indeed very appreciative of his coaching and guidance. At least we have an experienced pastor who has gone through a lot in discipling people to guide us. Not only that his ministry is world wide and he was able to share with us all his experiences. His availability is not a coincident but the work of our Almighty God. How are we to explain that in the time of our deepest needs an experienced pastor came into our midst? Now all three congregations, English, Chinese and Iban (Bahasa) church are on a firm footing after pastor Ben helped us to rebuild our foundation. In these two years we have raise two pastors from our congregations one from Chinese church and one from Iban church. Both their training in Taiwan and Indonesia respectively arranged by Pastor Ben. Now these new pastors are on fire for Jesus! Praise the Lord for these results!

Our Iban church is making very good progress. Two years ago there were 13 families worshiping in our church, now there are 43 families. Praise God! They have been organizing themselves and reaching out to the longhouses outside of Kuching city.

Our Chinese church is also looking forward to reach out to the Chinese communities in the nearby town. About 10 years ago work has been started and was abandoned but their recent visits found that the original believers are still there. Soon our Chinese members will continue their work there.

The English congregation is also more organized now with all the Life Groups (Cells) in place and various out reach like Alpha courses conducted last year. More mission activities will be carried out this year. We are still waiting to raise a pastor from our English congregation. We pray this objective will be met this year.

From Pastor Ben's perspective our church is doing well. We had came along way, and now we have to reach out to others especially the non believers.

We thank God for his love for our church, we also thank Pastor Ben for his help and we pray to our Lord for His guidance as we move forward always stay focus on Jesus in whatever we do.

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