Friday, February 10, 2012

What Good is God ?

This is also the title of the book written by popular writer Philip Yancey. It is a question many skeptics as well as Christians asked when faced with trials. Once Yancey was asked by a friend whose child died "What is God good for?". This has led him to search and traveled to many countries to find the answer. He discovered that faith in God makes a difference in the lives of many people. Despite the deep troubles and tribulations that people faced the Almighty God is there for everyone. Yancey himself discovered the mercy f God when he suffered a serious back injury when his four wheel drive rolled down a hillside. He was close to death but by God's mercy he recovered. In his book he described 10 stories he encountered in his travel and found that in each of these God was evidenced in the midst of difficulties.

For example in China a church leader named Yuan was jailed and assigned to hard labor. He was assigned to couple railroad cars carrying coal. The huge cars will bumped into each other with loud noise and he would jam a steel rod between the cars to connect them. Over the 17 years he must have joined million cars yet he never got hurt once!. He said "It was a miracle!"

Yes! Our God makes a difference in our lives!

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