Friday, February 3, 2012

Why Would God Allow Evil

This is a challenging question to many people and there is no simple answer to it. Atheists said since evil exist God does not exist, so they do not believe there is a God. Even famous academic like C.S Lewis had trouble with the question of evil earlier in his life until he investigated and decided to follow Jesus Christ. He said if there is no God, there is no such thing as evil. Apologist Mark Mittleberg said "Evil can only be known and measured against a standard of good. Apart from God and the morality that flows from Him there is no standard – and therefore no evil either," he explained. "But we know in our hearts – it's inescapable – that evil is real." Therefore, the standard comes from God.

Closely linked to the question of evil is the question of suffering. Why would God allow suffering? Again suffering is not from God, human is given the freedom to chose and most sufferings are man made.

Mark Mittleberg shared "7 points of light."

1. The world is as Jesus predicted - we have troubles in this world.
2. Evil was not caused or created by God - He created us with freedom to follow Him, we chose not.
3. Most causes of sufferings man made.
4. We live in a fallen world.
5. God will finally judge evil - He has given human time to repent before judgement.
6. God also suffered - Jesus came as human and suffered like us.
7. God can bring good out of bad - Roman 8:28

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