Monday, June 25, 2012

7 Things in Church that Will Not Change

This is interesting observations by Thom S. Rainer about the Church.  Here are the 7 things:

1.  The Bible is the Word of God - for thousands of years God's Word never changes
2.  The Gospel still change lives  - e.g lives of prisoners
3.  Small Groups are still vital - fellowship of Christians
4.  The mission filed still need workers - harvest is plentiful workers are few Matthew 9:37
5.  Prayer is still power - revival happens through prayers. Numerous prayer movements around the world
6.  Hurting people need ministry - you can see this in your church.  How about Mother Teresa's ministry to those who were hurting?
7.  God is still in control - regardless of what is happening or going to happen our God is in control, He knows the Beginning to the end.

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