Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Increasing Worldly Christians

A recent on-line survey in North America found that more and more Christians are becoming worldly.  That is they do not live the teaching of Jesus Christ.  The result is alarming for North American standard.  It was found that 31% of those survey rarely live the teaching of Jesus.

The survey was designed to determine whether the Christians are a) worldly Christian b) Good Christian c) spiritually matured Christian.  The founder of the survey that they mission is to reverse the trend.  he said, "Our mission is to reverse negative Christian stereotypes by helping Christians become more like Jesus Christ. And so, our goal is to work with local churches and to help transform these unChristians into spiritually mature Christians who walk the walk, and better represent our faith to the world."

In terms of the Asian experience, just wondering what our result would be if similar survey is done.

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