Monday, June 18, 2012

Power of Two Temples

On Sunday, Bro. Gan preached for the very first time in our Church.  Certainly he will preach more in time to come.  His sharing was on 1 Corinthians 6 which was about lawsuit among Christians and also sexual immorality.  He said there are two temples from this passage a) Corporate Temple (Church) which is able to settle internal disputes without referring to secular courts, b) individual Temple (Believers) who are empowered by the Holy Spirit to overcome vices.

In the old days in Israel the Israelites built physical temples like Temple of Solomon and the second temple that was built after the Israelites returned from Babylon.  However, these temples were destroyed by their enemies.  But when Jesus came, He built His temple in everyone of us which cannot be destroyed.  That is provided we are willing to follow His commands and be a true servant of Christ.

The second Temple, that is the individual temple which affected all of us.  We are fallen and we are bound to commit sins in our lives.  However, this second Temple, the Holy Spirit is given to all Christians who follow Jesus' commands and live according to God's ways as taught in the Bible will forever possess the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit empowers us to overcome any vice or temptation that comes our way.  But are we willing to follow Jesus as He taught us?  The Bible taught that we can do all things through Christ ( Philippians 4:3).  If we commit any sin we are to repent and recommit our lives to Jesus.  If we continued to sin we cannot be in the kingdom of God.

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