Friday, June 22, 2012

Prayer Movements

Inview of the decline in morality and spirituality of people in America there is a "new awakening" of people to reach out to God in prayers. This is not only happening in America, but across the world as we are facing challenging times.  In America the OneCry initiative was launched to pray for America and thousands of people are gathering to pray.  This is happening across the denominations in the US.  A leader said,  "While there may be differences in doctrine and on some issues of faith and practice, the need to pray and the conviction that prayer makes a difference, are points of universal agreement. As we unite in prayer, God's hand moves in powerful ways."  We are seeing similar patterns happening elsewhere.  Like in Indonesia recently, The World Prayer Rally saw more than 100,000 people from all denominations from all over the world gathered in Jarkata to pray for the nations.  Back in our country prayers gathering have been organized frequently by various Churches and Christians organizations to pray for our nation, as it is going through political and social challenges amidst the coming 13th General Election.

Prayers are powerful and we cannot underestimate God's power upon us and the nations when we pray.

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