Thursday, July 9, 2009

Breakforth Night 8 th July 2009

Last night mainly the English congregation attended the Breakforth Night conducted by Pastor John.Basically he went through the 9 perspectives / levels of the gospel. There are :
1. Gospel of the salvation
2. Gospel of victorious life
3. Gospel of prosperity
4. Gospel of corporate life
5. Gospel of high calling
6. Gospel of stature in leadership
7. Gospel of the Kingdom
8. Gospel of grace
9. Gospel of glory of God

After Pastor John explanation, members were gathered into group to discussed about our understanding of these principles. Many in our group felt that it was no quite about going from one level to the next. It was more like a total experience, each is in level at different time, some also experience different perspective at the same time with different degree of each perspective. Later Pastor John confirmed the understanding of our group.

Personally I felt that these perspective given me better understanding of my walk with Jesus, and that I need to grow in my spiritual walk and not be stagnant.

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