Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tapioca Cake

In case, some of you are wandering why food receipe is also featured in our blog. Well, last night after our cell meeting we had our usual makan. Some of you like he tapioca cake made by me. Sister Sarah suggested I put the receipe on our blog.


1. About 500 gms of grated tapioca.( Cost RM1 at Stutong Market )
2. About 250 gms grated white coconut ( do not buy the dark ones with a some brown hask of the coconut. Cost RM0.50 )
3. 4-5 table spoons of suger ( reduce if you wish )
4. 2 table spoons of butter


Mix the tapioca with the coconut mix them well, add in the sugar continu to stir, add in butter and continue to mix until all ingredients are well done.

Put all the mixture in a oven proof container e.g Corning ware, or aluminum can ware. For good result the mixture should be about 4-5 cm deep )

Set oven at 180 degrees, time it for 1 hour 5 minutes.

TIMES UP!!!!!!!!!

Wow! your tapioca cake is ready to eat! May look ugly ( dark colour after baking) but taste heavenly!

Praise God for this simple receipe, and yet tasting heavenly!

Sisters and Brothers ( cos ladies usually make cakes mah!) after you have tested this receipe don't forget to share with all of us!



Sarah said...

Very detailed explanation. Sounds extremely easy to make. With your lavish use of adjectives and after tasting your yummy kuih for the 2 consecutive Fridays, I guess most of us will be tempted to give it a try. Actually, your kuih didn't look ugly at all. It's a demonstration of your creativity and artistry in baking !!! Hopefully, there'll be more recipes coming. Hehe!!

FBC -Cell J said...

Thank you for your positive comments.

Lina said...

Thanks, Bro. Alwin. I'll be trying it out...hopefully b4 the year is out! U made it sound so easy! Bless u.