Sunday, July 26, 2009

FBC - Business Meeting

After Church service this morning, the business meeting started. The minutes of the previous meeting was confirmed. Praise God that the tithes of the past quarter as compared to the same period last year was about the same.
The next important message was about our new Church building. According to brother Simon Lau, the piling works should start by Aug or Sept. The target completion date of the Church is end 2011.
All Church members are encouraged to give suggestions about the usage of the Church's space. After all the Church service only happen on Sunday, the rest of the time is left idle. If any one has any good suggestion please forward to the Church Office. Brother Albert Law is suppose to be in charge of space usage, mean time you can send suggestions to the Church Office until further announcements.
Personally I feel that there is insufficient information to make concrete suggetions. Question like,"How much space there are for rent?" "How many rooms are there, and how big is each room? "can the sanctuary be rented out?" "What kind of amendities available to support tenants?" Questions like these have not be answered.
Anywhere, we should try our best to come up with useful suggestions. Well, let put on our thinking cap and get cracking!


Lina said...

U r really fast with your posting on our! TQ. Your suggestions are noted.

Anonymous said...

this is nice article . I like this Church. and I am thinking about

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