Saturday, July 4, 2009

Powerful Prayer

Last night we had our cell meeting at Nicholas's place, it was raining heavily and the lightning caused many electricity trips resulting in darkness. We were unable to start the worship, nevertheless Sister Sarah stepped forward to pray, and called upon the Lord to stop the lightning. Lo and behold, Praise God, the lightning stop! After that there was no electricity trip! Hallelujah! We were able to continue in song worship and praise our Lord not only with songs but in tongues! Praise the Lord! Thank you Sister Sarah. God bless everyone. Our God works in amazing ways!

Comment by Nicholas - 5.7.09
This is an extremely good testimony of the wonders of our great God.

"Indeed everything that Alwin shared is true. I had to walk back and forth no less than 4 times to turn on the switch after each electricity trip until sister Sarah came forth and pray for divine intervention and everyone saw God's power at work in our midst.

Alleluia and Praise be to our Great God."

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