Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cell Meeting Friday 17.7.09

On Friday our Cell had out meeting at Brother Chiew's and Sister Lee Nah"s home. Sister Lee Nah led the worship on piano. We all had a prayerful worship interceded with speaking in tongues.

Pastor John was on his round to our Cell to see how we have been progressing with our domain of - Education. Basically our group have two sub groups, one on "Family" and the other on "finance". Pastor shared about the progress of the Church, and what some of the things the others are doing. He just wanted to see where we are and how we are progressing further. He shared his ideas as to how the GAMES domains can be carried out.

After talking to the whole Cell, each group had their own discussion. The "finance" group had the privilege of Pastor John sharing about how we should progress so that we do not waste too much time on Biblical studies. The studies had been done last year, and our group need to get going to practical stuffs. One of the ways of going forward is starting from the experiences of our members, where we can share the "good, the bad and ugly" of finance with the youth. Most of us are already in the 50s therefore, we have a lot of experiences to impart to the young people. While this is good, some members felt that it is necessary to set some financial standards in order that the youths have practical examples. The other thing is to use role play to leave lasting memories of financial matters to our young people.

Pastor John gave some market talk, that is "knowing what your customers want". He suggested a survey be conducted amongst the youth to check on what exactly they want to know about finance.

All in all it was a good sharing, and this sharing allows us to re-evaluate how we want to take this project forward. Many thanks to Pastor John.

At the same time we thank Brother Chiew and Sister Lee Nah for opening their home for our cell meeting.

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