Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Face Book - The Bible Page

Recently Christian Post reported that the Bible page on Face Book has more fans than Justin Bieber and other celebrities. It said that this statistics were from www.Allfacebook.com, after checking the site, it was the number of interactions on a week before 11th April 2011 that were exceeding those of celebrities. During that week,Face Book Bible has 905,000 interactions whereas Bieber only had 872,000. Face Book Bible page has about 6.8 million fans, and Justin has about 24 million. Most important was that many people are reading the Bible via its Face Book page. It was reported that :

"What’s more, just over half of the Bible page fans (51%) are under 25-years-old.

“Young people come to the Bible page with questions about the Christian faith. They ask deeply thoughtful, intelligent and searching questions about the teachings in the Bible,” says Pleace.

“We have the opportunity to address each question individually. We pray for these young people and we’ve been blessed to see some of them come to faith.”

It is not only Christians who are coming to The Bible page, but atheists and Muslims too. They are welcome too, says Pleace "

Glory to God, that young people are learning about Jesus from Face Book. Despite the many negative things about Face Book, at least this is good news. Praise God!

To read the statistic on AllFacebook.com click on the title.

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