Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pray Before Crisis Hits

Most of us tend to pray when we are facing crisis or problems. However, this is not what God is teaching us. According to Pastor Alan Phua of Singapore Baptist Convention we should pray before crisis hits. He said people do not pray because they attributed their success as their own effort. We should pray often so that when crisis hits, God is there to hold our hands. For those who are too busy to pray, he said:

"It is this: the work that they are so busy with and the success that they experienced are all from God.

He said: "You may at this moment because of success be blinded by what you think is your own achievement."

We also need to pray intelligently and know what we are praying, he said.

This reminded me of the prayer meeting that Kuching Minister Fellowship arranged last evening to pray for Sarawak and our nation. There were 7 locations in the city where Christians gathered to pray for the coming state election, Christians issues, and the state of our nation. People were praying fervently for our Lord to intercede to bring in a fair and just government. We had a live internet connection to a church in Sabah praying for us in Sarawak! We also prayed for the people of Sabah. In fact, several churches in Kuala Lumpur were praying at the same time our service here was going on. Praise God for the unity of the Body of Christ! We also heard the speaker said Christians in Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong were also praying for us. Glory to God for bringing so many of us together to pray for specific purposes. Certainly this is intelligent prayers.

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