Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Prayer Rally for Sarawak and Our Nation

Last evening, yet again we witness the out pouring of the spirit of Christians in Kuching. Churches throughout Sarawak were praying at the same time too. This prayer rally was organized in three churches, Calvary Church for English speaking, Good news Fellowship for Bahasa Malaysia and Iban, and Blessed Church for Mandarin speaking. At Calvary where I attended, the crowds filled up the whole church. It was reported the same situation went to the two other churches. Our fellow brothers and sisters in Peninsular were also joining in the prayers through the work of NECF. Christians in Sabah are also praying for Sarawak.

Starting from 5th April to 12th April 2011 all Christians will be praying on five prayers points: 1)Thank God for Sarawak, 2)Pray for the state election 3)pray for incoming state government 4)pray for people of Sarawak, 5)pray for religious freedom and revival in our nation.

The worship last evening was fervent and spirit filled, as we witnessed the worshipers crying out to God on all the five prayer points. People were grouped into smaller groups to pray over the 5 points, each point taken by different pastors present. Praise God, that those present could really feel the presence of our God!

In our midst was Pastor Teo from Assembly of God, KL. She brought alone a prayer team to pray for Sarawak, and she was encouraged to witness our unity. We thank all of brothers and sisters in Peninsular for their prayers.

Thank God again for the out pouring of our spirits and the unity of all Christians to stand up and be counted in the religious realm as well as political future of this state and our nation.

To read an on line news report on this prayer rally click on the title of this post.

From 2011-04-06 Prayer Meeting

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