Monday, August 8, 2011

Famine In Somalia

The recent debt crisis in US and many other news worldwide seem to drown out the sad news of a famine in Somalia. Somalia seem so far away from us but than is it? Let us spare prayers and thoughts of people of Somalia who are suffering that not many people have experienced in other countries. We in Malaysia have plenty, although we have our problems. But compare to Somalia these problems are small. Just this Sunday a Brother was sharing how we can help people in Somalia because we are so far away from them. As I was reading a Malaysian Christian site, The Micah Mandate there are Christian organizations that are helping to send aids there.

For those who wish to send financial aids please contact CCM at 03-79571278 or NECF 03-77278227. The Micah Mandate has written an article about the famile, please click on the title of this post to read it.

Those from other countries please check your local contacts to make a contribution.

God provides to the poor through us.

"From your bounty, O God you provided for the poor". Psalm 68:10

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