Thursday, August 11, 2011

Navigating Through Crisis

On 7th Aug and 8th Aug 2011, Pastor Peter Tsukahira from Israel preached on the above subject at Trinity Methodist Church, Kuching. The sessions were organized by the Full Gospel Businessmen International Fellowship, Kuching chapter. This is the third times Pastor Peter preached here.

We see and hear about crisis everywhere around the world. Even as the seminar was underway we read news of the senseless riots and killing in the U.K. What has gone wrong? Nearer to our home, the nation of Malaysia is also experiencing unprecedented changes in political, social and religious realms. We are on a cross-road. The 13th general election is looming near, it will be a decisive election to determine the future of Malaysia.

Pastor Peter is aware of this delicate situation in Malaysia and his preaching was to help Malaysian Christians in navigating through crisis in our country. Just last weekend the Islamic authority of the state of Selangor raided a thanksgiving dinner of a NGO at Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DMUC)in Kuala Lumpur. This has upset the Christian communities in our country. It seem prophetic that Pastor Peter is scheduled to speak at DMUC this coming Sunday and the subject of "Navigating through crisis" is certainly most appropriate. He preaching appointment was made several months ago. Praise God!

Pastor Peter spoke about how as Christians we should navigate these minefields. He gave a lot of examples from the Bible of how various people navigated during crisis. However, he said two important principles we should adhere to:

1) It is about the kingdom of God, we must never move from this position. We do things for the kingdom of God.

2) Jesus the bridegroom is coming for His bride. Expect great changes to take place.

Pastor Peter has written a book called "God's Tsunami" published in 2003 before the tsunami hit Indonesia and other countries in 2004. Here he is referring to the spiritual tsunami we are facing. He said Malaysia is at the edge of the tsunami and it is about to crash at any time. We are to be prepared for the coming revival in our country.

Pastor Peter Tsukahira is pastoring a church called Kehilat Hacarmel in Israel. To go to their website click on the title of this post.

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