Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Remembering John Stott

The funeral of John Stott was conducted at All Souls Lingham Place, London. It was an unusual funeral for an extra ordinary Servant of God who has just been called home because his life was celebrated with joy and laughter instead of tears of grief. Of course there was sadness in his passing, yet there was joy untold for Uncle John too because he has lived a Christ-like life.

Many of his friends paid tributes to him at the funeral. The greatest tribute came from Dr.Chris Wright,International Director of Langham Place.

"Wright spoke admiringly of Stott’s legacy and the example he had set for Christians the world over, contrasting his integrity with the “too many” Christian leaders who fall short of the mark by preaching prosperity or failing to lay themselves at the foot of the cross as Stott had done throughout his life.

He praised his friend and mentor for his “anger” against injustice, the way in which he honoured and respected women, his love of children, his rejection of wealth, and his delight in God’s creation.

“John Stott modeled that obedience of faith,” he said"

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Watch a video memorial conducted by J.I Packer in Vancouver

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