Thursday, August 18, 2011

More on Missional Church

After attending the two-day seminar on Missional Church, I found the concept interesting in the approach to church. In Asia many of us are more familiar with the traditional church, where most churches aimed to attract new members using various means like having engaging praise and worship sessions with nice music and better stage performances. But the missional way is different.

The traditional way is attractional, that is the church use all means to attract members, where as missional applies to the whole life of every believer.

According to Alan Hirsch a missional activist missional is not the same as emerging church which is about renewal to fit with the culture. Missional is not evangelistic or seeker-sensitive, these terms apply to attractional model. Missional is not a new way for church growth, it is more than that.

It appears that missional is more about being out side of the four walls of churches. Every disciple should carry the mission of God to every sphere of life to engage with non believers in their environment.

In the West, the attractional model is less effective now due to changing culture to the post-christian era.

Watch a video of Tim Keller describing the characteristics of missional church.

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