Thursday, May 5, 2011

Church In The Pocket?

Soon to be launched Church in your pocket via Face Book live. The church can be in your pocket because nowadays you can access Face Book on internet via smart phones that you keep in your pocket.

An on-line Church St.Pixels,(how apt, pixels made up pictures on computers) U.K will be launching this on-line Church on Face Book on May 10th 2011. It says Face Book has 600 million "neighbors", therefore this is a way to get these members log on to a Church on-line. You can attend "Church" by listening to Bible reading, sermons and even sing along to hymns. You can even say "Amen", by keying "ZZZZZZ" on real-time feedback.

Perhaps this is a good way to get people who do not attend Church anyway. Here is an opportunity to evangelize to these un-church people. Probably this Face Book Church may be more acceptable in the West. In Asia especially in traditional societies, people would attend Churches with four walls.

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