Friday, May 27, 2011

Francis Chan: Erasing Hell

Influential former Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley, California has written a new book, "Erasing Hell:What God Said About Eternity and The Things We Made Up" to counter Rob Bell's controversial book Love Wins. Bell's book promotes universalism which says all human will reconcile with God eventually and hell is not a physical place. This is not what the Bible taught us and people are trying to gain acceptance of the public to say what they want to hear. If all human can be reconciled to God eventually, they don't even have to accept Jesus as their Savior. But in John 14:6 Jesus said no one can come to God except through Him. This seem clear to me.

Francis said his book helps people to check the evidences and they have to decide themselves. He said we cannot afford to be wrong about heaven and hell.

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