Monday, May 16, 2011

YouVersion Bible 20 Million Downloads

Recently there were reports of Christian Face Book pages like "The Bible" and "Jesus Daily" beating popular stars on the number of transactions on FB, and now there is an on-line Bible that is breaking new grounds. YouVersion developer did not expect this tremendous response. It is the work of the Lord that made this possible. This is good news for Christianity because more and more people are reading the Bible and hopefully engage in a relationship with God.

In traditional societies, Christians are worried about not having physical Bibles, and as they begin to have access to the internet, on-line Bibles in multiple languages are available.

Recently in Malaysia, the Christian communities especially those using the Malay Bibles were upset with the government's restrictions on its importation and usage. The availability of Bible on-line will certainly be helpful in overcoming such problem.

To read the full article on YouVersion Bible click on the title of this post.

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