Monday, May 2, 2011

Alpha Weekend Away

Our Church had our weekend away from 30th April to 1 st May 2011. There were a total of 23 guests attending. The majority of these guests were Batu Lintang Training College (BLTC)trainees, and among them were a numbers of non believers. Other guests were working people some were Christians and some were non.

Our course leader was Bro.Tzin Kit assisted by Bro.Gary,Bro.Nick,Bro Kelvin,Bro Han Wei, Sis Doreen,Sis Ah Moi, Bro Philip, Bro Jesrum,Bro Jong, sis Agnes and hosts and helpers from our church.

Our elders like Bro Tung Hui, Bro Nee Wen,Bro Ho,Bro Song, Sis Georgina, Bro Arthur, Sis Ah Moi, Bro Chin Luk, Sis Stella were there to assist and support this event. Including our church members there were about 50 people at this weekend away.

We had a great time worshiping the Lord and inviting the Holy Spirit to touch our guests. Indeed some were touched and tears just came to them. Many came forward to be prayed for and repented of their sins. We praise God for this outing and that many have been touched by Him.

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