Monday, May 9, 2011

Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES)

On Sunday, the General Secretary of FES, Dr.Loh Kim Cheng came to share with our Church the work of this organization. Last year, the Local Coordinator Peter Paris also shared with us in our Church. They are evangelizing to the students at the various colleges in Malaysia. The Sarawak chapter started some 7 years ago. Their works are enormous because they have a few staffs whereas there are so many colleges in our country. Dr. Loh said there are 800 higher education institutions in Malaysia, and they are in only 80 of them. It is an up hill battle, nevertheless, they are striving and encourage people to help in any where they can.

Dr.Loh's life is also an inspiration to many. She was trained as a dental doctor, but gave up this job to go full time only after 8 years work as a dentist. She actually prefers people to address her as Kim Cheng and not Dr.Loh.

Recently we are facing a lot of religious and racial issues as reported in the press, and these are alarming. Her advice is that we must try our best to be friends with our majority neighbors because when we are friends it is easier to talk if there is any issue to address. She said in FES, they encouraged all the students to befriend as least two students not of their own race. This is indeed a very good advise even matured adults can practice.

Kim Cheng encouraged members of our Church to pray for them and if possible support them financially.

Our elders Bro. Tung Hui and Sis. May Sum are committee members of the Sarawak Chapter, and they have been helping FES for a while. As a Church we appreciate their efforts and sacrifices.

To read FES website click on the title of this post.

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