Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is Christ Suffiicent?

Pastor Samuel Surendran( picture ) is from Excel Point Community Church in Penang. Excel Point was started by him some 14 years ago and now it is a church of about a thousand members.

Pastor Sam preached on the above subject referring to Matthew 16:13-20. He said this is the question all of us must answer. Specially when we face troubles, "Is Jesus sufficient for me?", we may ask. In most cases we will be anxious to fix the problems ourselves, but he urged us to stay focus on Jesus.

The place where Jesus brought his disciples to, Caesarea Philippi was significant because it was a wealthy region,and answering this question can be difficult for many people.

Pastor Sam's own testimony was powerful. He started his church with only 4 people and without any money. He had to work as a lecturer until the church could stand on his own. Looking back, he saw how God has guided him and provided for him and his church.

His advice is no matter what happened, we must stay focus on Jesus and on one else or anything else.

Many in our church were encouraged by his message and also his passion for the lost. May our Lord bless him, his family and his congregation.

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