Saturday, May 14, 2011

Face Book : Jesus Daily Page

"Jesus Daily" is similar to "The Bible" page on Face Book. Once again, this Christian Face Book page has beaten popular stars' FB pages.

"With over 5,108,270 fans and 2,127,067 interactions, “Jesus Daily” maintains the number one spot for a second week in a row, with “The Bible” close behind at second, moving up rapidly on the list, recording over 7,015,719 fans and 1,119,413 interactions".

This is good news for Christianity. According to the founder Dr.Aoron Tabor about 1,434 people came to know Christ in 10 days prior to 11th May 2011. Apparently this social network tool is effective in bringing non believers to know Christ. At least this medium is complimenting the traditional methods of evangelism.

Dr.Aoron said: “We hope that Jesus Daily is the Light on social media to fulfill the Great Commission by sharing the Good News globally".

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