Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Church of God Face Book

Since the advent of social media like Face Book (fb) many organizations whether profit or non profit have used this media to communicate with their target audience. Churches also see the usefulness of social media in engaging with their members as well as the public. In Malaysia many non profit organizations including churches are also using fb to reach their targets.

Church of God of the US has recently created history by gathering almost 50,000 "likes" on their fb page. This is not a big number on fb. The church is very encouraged by the response of the public to their daily Bible verses posted as well as information regarding their church. Thank God that this media is enaging more people to read and understand the Bible. There is another Christian fb page "Jesus Daily" that currently has 12.4 million "likes"! We can see that this media is effective in reaching people.

Statistics of which age groups are reading is also available on fb. Church of God found that the highest "likes" came from age group 18-24 years which made up 24% of the total "likes".

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