Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to Find Hope in Any Situation

This summary is based on Dr.Kenneth Hutcherson’s book, Hope is contagious: Trusting God in the Face of Any Obstacle. In our life we are bound to face ups as well as the downs. Thankfully we have a God who gives us hope in any circumstance, even if your health fails, you lose your job, your spouse leaves, or other tragedy hits you. I find these guides helpful, and I pray that they are helpful to you too.

Here is how to find hope in any situation.

Stop simply surviving and start thriving. Don’t let difficult circumstance stop you from making the most of each day you are alive. Life is a gift from God and you can enjoy it to the fullest even in the middle of difficult situation. Pray for the Holy Spirit to renew your mind everyday so that you have the positive attitude to thrive no matter the circumstance.

Choose to trust. No matter what happens to you, trust God, He does not make any mistake. God allows things to happen for a purpose in your life.

Learn and grow from your struggles. God allows challenging situations in your life so that you can learn to trust Him in deeper ways, and you can grow more mature, develop stronger characters to be more like Jesus. Pray to God to let you see the difficulties from His perspective. Let the struggles teach you whatever God wants you to learn.

Resist temptations to sin. In trying circumstances, do not turn to sin because you will never find your solution there. Instead pray to God to help you resist temptations God will respond by giving you comfort you can’t find anywhere else.

Attract others to faith as they watch you. Other people are watching you as you deal with your struggles. If you response in faith in Jesus people will be drawn to Him by your examples. Let them see your faith in actions. Rather than wallowing in your difficulties, have faith in God and show others how Jesus’ light shine in your life even in difficult situations.

Want what God wants for you. God knows what is good for you. Sometimes He does not give you what you asked because He knows better. God has a greater perspective than you, so trust in Him to know your needs. Also pray to Him that your desires are in line with His will for you.

Overcome fear. Do not be afraid because God is always with us and He has our interests in mind because He loves us. When fear creep into your life, turn to God for help, He will help you to navigate out of the situation.

Keep heaven in mind. Let the anticipation of heaven motivates you to meet your current challenges with hope which will strengthen you to overcome your situations.

Don’t give up. As you face tough situations, do not give up, pray to God to renew you with a fresh dose of hope to deal with your situations. Be confident that at the right time God will reward you for your faithfulness if you do not give up your faith in trying circumstances. Count on God.

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