Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter is a significant date for Christians all over the world. We at FBC, Kuching are no different and we mark this day with worship, prayers and praises to God. This Easter is another historic event for our Church as this is the first Easter we celebrated at our new facility. Elder Dr.Tiong shared this morning that actually our Church started 40 years ago in Kuching on 2nd April 1972.

This morning service was a joyous occasion for our members as well as invited guests. Because we were able to worship together with friends. Majority of our guests were from Kuching, but a few came from as far as Vancouver, Canada.

Our youths led by Bro.Chung Chek and Sis. Pek Imm performed an Easter skit as well as sang two songs. The performances were entertaining. Praise God for our young people! As part of our worship, the flag bearers worshiped as the worship songs were sang. The bearers were led by Sis. Lily Ngu.

Dr. Thomas Chung preached an Easter message especially on the death of Jesus and its meaning. He pointed out three significant points what Jesus did for us.

1. He carried the sins of mankind.
2. He was made sin although He was sinless.
3. He carried our curse, the spiritual death of human who do not know Christ.

He said all heavens and earths have been shaken. In the realm of politics, economics, social, and even natural systems e.g earthquakes. Jesus is shaking everything until those that cannot be shaken will remain. Those who do not know Jesus will have a meaningless life. We can have eternal life only if we accept Him as our Lord and Savior. There is no other way. Towards the end of the service Dr.Chung challenged those who do not know Jesus to come and accept Him as their personal Savior.

He is risen! He is Alive!

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