Monday, September 14, 2009

Gold Dust in Church

This story is related by Pastor Kenny Chee< Pentecostal Church, Singapore. Amazing, nothing is difficult for God, even producing gold dust or whatever materials. However, it is important to focus on God rather than the miracle. Read on:

This morning, Chua Seng Lee, an ex-FCBC pastor, preached a sermon on knowing God. At the end of the sermon he explained about a manifestation of the Spirit we have heard about but have not experienced as a church. We wiped our hands on our clothes and took a good look at them and verified that our palms were clean and dry. After prayer, a few members went up to the front to show tiny particles on their palm that sparkled. Later on, even more people, including my wife and sceptical ones, observed the phenomenon on their palms and even on their dress. It did not fall from above but just appeared on the hands. One sister said she found that even after washing some remained on the palm. Another brother, a new convert, came to church with pains in his body but after observing the gold on his hand, also experienced a release from his pain. It is called “gold dust” but they were not gold but minute sparkling particles that glinted in the light. Someone said the angels were sweeping the floors of heaven’s gold streets.

We Pentecostals are comfortable with phenomena such as these. We have passed the stage where we get overboard in our reactions to them, either rejecting them as of the devil, or trying to bottle them to sell away. We now receive them with a mixture of welcome and discernment. Although we do not seek them, we feel a sense of wonder, of awe, and see in it a token of His presence. The preacher was careful to tell us not to seek the supernatural sign, nor to build a tabernacle around it, but to look beyond the sign to the source, to God himself.

I googled about this phenomena and there was good said about it and there was an article that said such was the work of the devil. However, when this happened this morning in the worship service, there was great peace, a witness of the Spirit, some doubts(remember the apostles at Jesus’ resurrection) and a ripple of wonder. For us who have experienced revival phenomena from weeping, laughing, dancing, prophesying, public confession of sins, resting in the Spirit, visions, etc. this is just an additional one to the list. We are not going to collect the dust because the price of gold has risen, nor are we going to label it as the work of the devil. We will just give thanks to God for giving as a token of His love and concern for us and continue to grow in grace and the knowledge of God.

Is there lasting fruit from this experience? Who knows? it just happened this morning. For the time being what I have observed is a heightened sense of expectation of God’s activity. Church members are talking about it with a sense of wonder and some debate, and God and his word is getting people’s attention instead of the stock market!

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