Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pastor's Annoucement Today

Indeed it is a sad day for many today. Pastor annouced his resignation from FBC effective 1 st Oct 2009 after leading this Church for over 20 years. He gave a very honest and humble speech in which he asked for forgiveness of things he done wrong either real or perceived. I can see that deep in his heart he wants the best for FBC, and he does not want it to be splitted due to difference in the Church. All Churches face their own problems some may be resolved quickly and some may not. I admire him that he stand on his own, and because he felt that he did not want the troubling issues to drag on any longer, he resigned. Although he said that he is rested in the spirit but I believe it hurts him to have to resign in this manner. Just imaging leading a Church for more than 20 years, and now you have to go.

I believe many members were not clear what went on for the past two months,and when the news came many were shocked. Many shedded tears for him and for the Church I suppose. Mostly stunned speechless because many members lingered around after the ending prayer by Brother Steven.

A number of our members when up front to hug Pastor John. It was very emotional and tears just flowed. I believe he is in the good hands of our Lord.

Whatever it is, let us pray for Pastor John as Brothers and Sisters in Christ. He may have his own ideas and opinion, but he is a good pastor. May our Lord guide him in his coming days. I pray all these in Jesus Most precious Name Amen.


Anonymous said...

Yes it was a very sad morning indeed. Almost everyone was entrenched in their individual outburst of uncontrolled emotions when the news was announced.

I have no doubt Pastor John Chin was sincere in asking for forgiveness for whatever shortfall or mistake he may have made during his tenure as the Pastor of FBC Church.

In reality, for that matter we are all guilty for our shortfalls and mistakes. Irrespective.

Except for those who have been following or were pre-briefed (all fully prepared for the announcement that Sunday morning) those who were not in the picture somehow were caught totally unaware for it came as a shocker and with disbelief.

This small group of members was oblivious to the brewing crisis that has led to this eventuality not knowing that the crisis (come to that later) was actually discussed responsibly at length in closed doors and deliberated only among Pastor John Chin and those leaders involved.

As far as I see, that was later filtered down subjectively and selectively but certainly not in one accord whichever way one looks at it or maybe it was not supposed to roll down the way one would expect it to be.

While I see your view over Pastor John’s reason to step down (which is to prevent a split in FBC church and in a way it is true) it is even more sad to notice that no one ever want to address the REAL ISSUE behind the curtain which led to the stepping down of a long serving well loved Pastor.

It is sad that some would rather choose to harp on side issues.

May I humbly ask; what was the main cause of the imminent ‘Split’. Was it about church administration? job function? did or didn’t do? shortfalls? mismanagement and the like? No, definitely not. From my stand point it has all to with Doctrinal Differences and Dr. Jonathan related.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I understand that the majority of FBC members stood very firmly in pain, fear and trembling not be influenced to follow the Isaac Network which FBC Church as an organization, was placed to come under by Pastor John Chin.

Frankly, before this how many members realized that FBC has found its way to come under this Isaac Network as an organization?

When asked, Pastor John has always deny that FBC is under Isaac Network or Muar and reiterated it is his personal involvement. We all know now it is not true without having to go into details.

I sincerely admire Pastor John Chin for his stand, conviction, and his covenant with Isaac Network, and even willing to lay down his life for his belief under the covenant.

Whichever way one goes about defining ‘Split” I sense it is already there in some of the hearts and minds of FBC members between those who are firmly for Isaac Network and those who are not. Only Jesus can heal.

When it comes to Church Doctrines, There is no place for Mr. Grey. This is most serious for it encompasses more than just how we live our lives now but down the generations to come. Who will be responsible for any adverse consequence if any? If so, how do we account for such consequences? We all might not be around then to witness any more.

Looking at it from hind sight, the closest I can say is ‘No one was trying to cause the split, and any attempt to paint it that way for whatever reason is deceitful and grossly misleading and could lead more hurt.

It is not just mere differences but Doctrinal Differences to be precisely specific that was causing the split. Like it or not

Yes I feel angry to a certain extend, sad, disappointed (and more) over this entire incident. Asking God why has it to be so and He seems to impress upon me ‘why not?’ I am the author and finisher of lives and I have not done with all of you yet”

Thy will be done.

Anonymous said...
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