Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday Service - 20th Sept 2009

This was the first service after the shock that we all felt after Pastor's annoucement last Sunday. It was heartening to see many of our members returning despite their anguish and pain over the situation of our Church. Deep in my heart, I believe those who return look towards our One and Only God, the Lord Almighty as the ultimate and not any human. Because He is the reason for our being, of our worship of our praises and we glorify Him alone. With due respect to the Church leaders,it is really about Jesus and no one else. From the atmosphere of the worship, I sensed that healing is beginning. Like Dr.Tiong said, over the ages even theologians cannot agree on certain principles, therefore let us begin to rebuild our Church. Hurts, pains, and disappointments beside, let us arise to rebuild our Church. I believe that all of us want also to extend our welcome to those who chose "the other side"(for lack of words to discribe the situation),with love, compassion and undestanding because we are One in our Lord. In 1 Corinthians 3:3-6 Paul advised the Christians not to follow personalities, but to look towards God as He makes things grow. My prayers are for all of our members of our Church, and pray that we unite our hearts, minds, and deeds to build a stronger Church that glorifies His Name. Amen.

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