Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Old Age

On Sunday afternoon, my wife and I visited an old aunt(my father's elder sister) at her daughter's house where she is staying. A few months ago she fell ill and was admitted to Norma ICU a few times. However, she recovered well enough to stay home. Doctors could not do anything esle for her and asked her children to send her home. She is already 80 plus years. I kind of pity her because she could not do anything by herself, and hired nurses have to take care of her. It is rather sad to see her in that state. Nevertheless, my wife and I felt that we just wanted to be there for her. It took a while for her to recognise us and after that she called me. It was a touching moments for us when I holded her hand and I saw she cried because she asked for tissue to wipe her tears. We really could not do anything for her but be there to say we care. Sometimes it is better not to say so much, but be with someone who is in need. Be there to show we care, that is better than alot of words.

Here is Helen Steiner Rice's poem:

Growing Older is Part of God's Plan

You can't hold back the dawn
or stop the tides from flowing
or keep a rose from withering
or still a wind that's blowing
And time cannot be halted
in its swift and candles flight
For age is sure to follow youth
like day comes after night
For He who set our span of years
and watches from above
Replaces youth and beauty
with peace and truth and love
And then our souls are privileged
to see a hidden treasure
That in youth escapes our eyes
in our pursuit of pleasure
So passing years are but blessings
that open up the way
To the everlasting beauty
of God's eternal day.

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